Award Winning Short film TOO SHY : To say or not?

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Here's why I loved this award winning short film :


What's most beautiful in a short duration of attempt at filmmaking is the art of touching your heart, in those few seconds when you decide on whether or not you will continue to see it.

Images affect the human mind the most.

We are naturally inclined to melodies. And words and feelings. And love. Whether found or not.

This was no different story. Two best friends, the guy a geek and the girl a high school dancer. How was she even his friend?

But the treatment of the film for the most part was surreal. Though I did not like a few beginning shots of the girl but they really made you like both the characters to the core. Needless to say the biggest impact of the emotions of the listeners, that could have changed the whole thing.

See it and don't dare scroll down, if you are the species that won't see something after they know the story or what happened...EXACTLY.

Here's the link

So, I did warn you and you continue at your own risk.

This tall nerdy guy has specs as he reads out to his audience a touching poem of how he could never say it. Never say it to his best friend. Drama builds up as a day passes to a month to a year and years to a diploma and to time to change the place.

Of still being shy and the girl marrying someone else. Of being the guy clapping at the back to bring the uncle of the children, of never being able to speak, to grow into an old man, only to receive a call from his husband to tell you she died. The woman he loved  for 60 years eternal died at 69 while he kept his feelings internal .

The husband handed over a journal from high school that read out the same lines that he buried in his heart. Does he love me or am I just a friend? Oh, how horrible would you feel to know two lives hone completely Hayward unaware of such deep love?

And why am I recommending it to you? I, the happy ending lover of sorts. The obsesses with happiness with only some exceptions at pain?

Because "the story DOES NOT END LIKE THIS", says the guy while reading out the poem's end. Because he's no longer too shy. And there moves the camera from his loving spectacled eyes to the mascara laden dancer in the lovely dress sitting at the corner with the same journal in her hand. And she smiles.

The cinematography was amazing. It's like times when you fall in live with a pattern just by the way it's shot.

I'm not the kind who would like too shy people or those who can't say it. Though being the preacher I've done it too. But we all know it's gonna lead no where and it's just not cool to destroy your own life without giving yourself a chance, right?

I did make the same statement to mom today. The guy who can't get the courage to speak to a girl? Really? Is he gay? I mean I'd rather playfully put it that he's not man enough. I won't marry a boy, mom! Lol.
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Lotsa love,

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