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A lot of people tend to forget that we also buy from Today, I'm listing products and where you can buy them from. I start with E.l.f as it is on my purchase decision list. I've however, used Physician's formula Organic wear Mascara and it is a must buy!

While making this move to switch to safer non toxic chemical free make up, you must have noticed that here in India, we are not left with a lot of options. I've discussed my rant and some great options in  the earlier post here. (Safe affordable chemical free cosmetics in India).

Today, I'm straight away listing out my finds from (A website that has database of makeup products and the ingredients used in them.) The link to their android app is here.
Unfortunately it has nothing on Indian brands like Lakmé or even Lotus Herbals. I've used nearly everything from the Lotus Herbals Ecostay range, but being an MBA has a great professional hazard that I just discovered. I always tend to look for a better deal.

Safe Cheap Indian make up Products

Now, when I say cheap, it is a relative term. I'm a Brahmin girl. No one can be stingier than me. (goofy grin, laughing at self, and getting back).

I was scared to death when I had come to know that the most commonly used lip balm from Maybelline, is that toxic!! If you have kids, keep it out of their reach. I threw mine. But surprisingly some things are cheap and safe, eh.
Some drugstore brands available in India have only a certain number of products that are safe. You got to search the safe ones and then see if they are within your budget.

While the most safe product should be zero and green in color in the rating, we should still feel blessed to get anything in green.

 Safe Cheap Primer Alternatives 

Most of us know that a primer is what makes the makeup stay the best and if you are blessed with a near perfect skin, you can always cover the pores with primer and go out with just powder.
I'm still debating if I should buy a primer. The affordable ones that are raved about are by no means having any information on being safe.
So, I'm trying.
  1. Aloe Vera Gel
  2. Glycerine
  3. Lactocalamine
  4. Natural Rose water toner
I bought an aloe vera gel from a local store for Rs 50 or Rs.60.
Here's the link to NATURE'S ESSENCE ALOE VERA GEL.(Found it later online.) It is good, no doubt but the Patanjali aloevera gel has a thinner consistency and the press it out packaging comes in handy when you want to make DIY face mists, hair sprays or heat protectants.

Nature'S Essence Aloe Vera Gel 100 Gm - Pack Of 2 @ Snapdeal

Yet to try the Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel.
UPDATE: Have tried and tested the Patanjali Aloe vera gel. It is awesome!! And, also cheapest natural and safe alternative to primer available, unless of course you want to DIY the actual aloe vera gel from the plant. This is the only market alternative that you have that money can buy, at the least. If you know of a cheaper one, don't forget to let me know!!


Got an Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Gel with sunscreen (which is a great thing in Indian heat!!!). It all does the job ok. One tip is to let the Aloe vera gel dry. If you start buffing on it, you have wasted everything. The foundation or BB cream will fall out to pieces. People in a hurry should always try a BB cream or even better a CC cream.

SNAPDEAL LINK : Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sun Screen Gel - Spf 20 100G

The NIVEA MEN AFTER SHAVE is very much raved about as a primer. Haven't used it yet.

Nivea Men Fresh Active After Shave Balm 100 ml from Snapdeal

In my move to try everything natural and yet surviving without a hole in my pocket, I'm trying my best
2017 Update: Aloe vera gel with glycerine works nice. For the nails, glycerine actually makes the glitter nail paints completely come off like a peel. Let mke know if you want to know more.

 Safe Compact Powders 

Maybelline New YorkFit Me range has a lot of safe options. Some powders are in Rs.300. It is certainly not as AFFORDABLE as the Lakme Soft Pink Loose Powder, we are not sure about the safety of any of the Lakme products. But be very careful to always browse the specific name! NYX Translucent Powder is the only one that is at top and available in big malls in Mumbai. But that's Rs. 999, so I've not included it in the affordable section.

Next comes Maybelline with Limited data in the testing and then L'Oreal Paris True Match Instant Shine Erasing Powder with fair amount of data for the EWG listing. Couldn't find the exact one on Amazon.

Now I'd be really glad if someone could just tell me what is the cheapest alternative product completely free of any harmful chemical and is preferably also made naturally. I'm OK if it's not organic as long as it's safe. And although I love animals and understand that forcibly putting lipstick on a dog can be not respecting of their rights but given the reality of India, I'm OK if safe ones are used on them.

Well known brands SAFE CHEMICAL FREE products that you can use


The age rewind concealer is rated safer at 2.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Promises 36 hours)

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner is rated 2. It's pretty safe! I bought it like an idiot paying MRP way above 500 at Central, Bhubaneswar. They did give me a discount of Rs.150 on Dream Lumi and the eyeliner, but amazon prices are currently less.

I tried it once. The bottle is really cute and super tiny. Not as big as it looks here. I'm yet to try the lasting effect for 36 hours but it did stay without smudging despite my constant habit to be scratching with my nails, on my eye makeup.

February 2017 Update: I bought another during the AMazon Great Indian festival, sale, sale sale!! Snapdeal is also running so many sales. And also special offers for your cards. So, make sure you check 'em out.
I bought another pack of Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner for 399 only!

TIP: If it dries ever so slightly, use a little bit of sweet almond oil. And, ta da! You're good to go.
Just be sure, it's a really tiny drop.
Much talked about Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer, Ivory (1.5ml) is rated 4                             

Sjlovesjewelry :Although in this she didn't like it as much as natural concealer options like Oriflame, she does recommend it in the Nykaa video.

The Garnier eye roll on, she referred later (which I've used for years), is at 4.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, also with great reviews is at 4.


Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

Revlon Photo Ready Concealer is at 2, though. But not for us. I mean, if you have very very dark circles, you are likely to take a Medium shade. It is rated 2 only till fair. As soon as it reaches the darker shades in the concealer, it is 3.

Must avoid Revlon products

NEVER EVER use REVLON hair coloring and bleaching products (10 onwards!!) 

In India Revlon is perceived as a good brand. Even the so-called Ammonia free hair color is 10!! And stay away from the 8 rated concealers and color stay Revlon blushes as well.
Revlon FabuLash Mascara, Revlon Photo ready powder, Revlon lip gloss and foundations are at 7!
I'm afraid of using a score of green 2. (Now, I feel 2 is still ok). The lesser the chemicals the better!

    L'Oreal Paris


    I feel like dying. Although Pond's BB cream is the safest, (which I swear by), it is the only one in green. Pond's Age Miracle is at a toxic 9. Some version of BB cream is at 9 too. I just hope the one I use in India isn't this one.


    Nothing is safe in Mac, or something is really wrong with this database. This is what I found. Click here.

    The Body Shop (Owned by L'Oréal)

    The safest product is just one, at 2.

    Absolutely safe buys from E.l.f Cosmetics link for E.l.f cosmetics

    The eyeshadow palette, is rated 1 here. It is not as safe as zero. But if you have been using Maybelline Baby Lips which is as hazardous and dangerous as 8, you should stop wishing for a 0 rated( absolutely safe) product.
    The damn eyeshadow palette was up for grabs at 300 something and I bought it. All e.l.f cosmetics are at 30% off on Amazon currently. And, I mean!! link to buy it, if you reside in India and you don't care about a terrible conversion rate.

    Btw, e.l.f does have a completely safe at zero. Sometimes it is running at discounts at 3$ also.

    In India however, elf sounds extremely expensive. Unless of course you can stock in as much products from and add these add one for really cheap and get free international shipping.
    Or, you can deliver to a US address if you know someone there and wait till they come. :)

    In site, you would want to do a selection of amazon fulfilled. I get extremely irritated with extra delivery charges. That's the reason I stopped buying from Flipkart. Snapdeal does a great job here too.

    In india, I could find just a few elf products on
    I've heard good things about the eye-shadow but the E.l.f Kabuki brush is supposedly the best. I won't spend as much to buy it from India, and would rather go with a local soft brand for now as I don't even do that much makeup. But I've seen and read many vloggers swear by this. I've tried looking for a dupe too. This is just a brush. Come on, this can't hurt.

    It is only 5$ in the US market. | e.l.f. Studio kabuki face brush 

     e.l.f. Studio kabuki face brush on

    Even if I do a $5.59*70, I still would be at less than Rs.400. See?
    Also, for some weird reason Amazon's SEO makes it super hard to go to the site.

    Mascara : Physician's formula organic Mascara review

    1 Sep 2016: Best ever.

    21 July 2016: Love it. Even in Balaji shoot for highest TRP show on COLORS, everyone asked. The make up artists went mad. This stuff is crazy, dude!

    24 June 16 Update:

    I've been using for a long time now. It beautifully curls your eyelashes and you do not need any curler. What it does to your eyelashes is beyond words. It's the best.

    It is not waterproof but even in hot Indian weather (in Mumbai), it totally stood the test. It is SWEAT PROOF for sure. It only breaks down if it rains or if there is actual water contact.

    There are rave reviews about Physician's Formula Organic Mascara performing very well although it's not waterproof. 

    It comes in 3 forms again. Even if you choose the brand depending on so many women raving it in YouTube &  elsewhere. 
    1. The green tube is the normal one. 
    2. Black tube is to increase lashes naturally

    3. The silver color is to curl your lashes.  This is the one I use.

    4. The Barbie pink color one is the fake lashes one. I'm sure none of us want to look fake. 

          This is an awesome post here on Chemical free non-toxic mascaras that are also cruelty free gives the ultimate mascara snack down. Also, she being a person to appear on camera makes it more believable I'd she says it works! (Click here)

          Reviewing is not judging based on what we want but clarifying who it is best for. 

          I want lengthening,  volume,  and also a natural look.  Naturally lengthening won't be bad too! Lol. So, yes olive oil!  But if the black one does work, I'll be most happy. 

          P.S: Adding that drop of Lavendar Essential oil to the mascara feels awesome and keeps it safe from chemicals!

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