Ayesha Diaries | The roar slowed down…

The roar slowed down…the whistle buzzed…His eyes were searching for that familiar face…longing to see even a glimpse of her, in the calm evening…
As he turned left...there in the corner...he saw her…
She was looking so beautiful….like a fairy from heaven….a true angel….her body was glowing….filling the area around her with an enigmatic light…
It was a beautiful sight…The first thing he noticed…were her lips…they were shining…adding to her sparkling aura...
She was looking prettier more than ever before…he was truly dazzled at the sight of her, the girl he knew so well…..

May be the little stars on her dress added to that glow, he wondered…but that didn’t matter…Right now, all he wanted was to see her & keep seeing her & take a picture of her, in his heart. He remembered her words, the way she used to say in her innocent way “It’s one of those moments, you know….ones that we would always remember...” Everything seemed so perfect, to be true.
She was wearing the same dress, she had worn the day he had first seen her. It seemed almost like yesterday now. The moment he’d seen her, two years ago, something in him, had told him how special she was & he'd swore he would make her his friend & so he did.

It was an unusual evening, calm, quiet…with a pleasant breeze blowing, soothing the skin.
‘Two years, my god! How time flies!’
Memories of the past hovered around him, those laughs, those smiles…those tears….those fights…’Ah, such lovely moments....’ he sighed.
How could I take such a long time to realize what I had…but it does happen, doesn’t it? You have the best of people around you & never realize what you’ve got!

The roar sounded again…the train began to move…it was time to say goodbye.

He felt a sudden urge to go & hug her, bury her in his chest, forever…how he wished to kiss her good-bye...to fill himself with her scent…a scent so powerful, that drew anyone with a heart towards her.
Their eyes met. Her caring gaze seemed to caress him.A simple look of belongingness can, at times mean everything to you.

As he saw her laughing, her captivating smile clutched his heart…he would miss her…so much. ’It’s so difficult to be away from those you love!’
The wind blew faster now; blowing her hair…soft careless beauties covered her shimmering face.
It was suddenly getting a little darker…the train gathered speed…the strange calm of the evening suddenly changed into a restlessness, his heart was beating faster now,in rhythm with the train & he realized it would be long before he could see her again…he kept watching her figure slowly fade out of sight.

Whether it was the distance, or the wind, things seemed hazy now… or maybe it was for his wet eyes…A drop of tear fell straight on his feet...Mr.D realized, he loved Ayesha more than anything else in the world.


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